Land requests Wednesday, Nov 18 2009 

Land holdings will be the same as previous events at this site. If you know where you usually camp, you’re set! Otherwise, if you haven’t made an inquiry about land, please visit the Information Point at the event to see the land map.


Fundraiser Tourney, T-Shirt Sales Sunday, Nov 15 2009 

There will be a fundraiser tourney (heavy) after armored combat scenarios have finished. Entry fee – $10. Prizes for the winner! More info TBA.

TRM are selling t-shirts to raise funds for the Meridian Social at Gulf Wars XIX. Shirts are $12-$15 and in sizes S-XXXL. Look for a booth on Merchant’s Row selling these limited edition shirts designed by HRH Boru. Shirts will be on sale from 9 am-4 pm Saturday only!

Pet Requirements Wednesday, Sep 16 2009 

Dogs will be permitted at Castle Wars – please see the activities page, under Coursing for requirements.

New Shower House at Sandy Beach Monday, Aug 31 2009 

A new shower house is near completion at Sandy Beach Park.  Park officials say it will be completed in mid-October at the latest.    It is located across the road from the main pavilion, where the playgound used to be.

Website online Monday, Aug 3 2009 

This website was released for public consumption today, as well as a Facebook group by the same name.

Troll Update Sunday, Jul 26 2009 

Troll is new and improved at Castle Wars this year.  Reserved gentles may hasten their entry to the event by using the “Express Troll” lane at the entry to Sandy Beach Park.   Use the right lane as you’re entering, and pull up to the pavilion, where you’ll be asked for your SCA ID and a photo ID card.  Troll attendants will hand over your reserve package and you’re on your way.    Please look for the “Express Troll” sign as you enter.

Express Troll will only be open until midnight on Friday, and will reopen at 7 am on Saturday.

Vehicles with mixed (reserved and non reserved) occupants should use the non-reserved lane to help keep the Express Troll lane open.

We hope this addition to troll will help expedite everyone getting to War sooner!

Site Conditions Friday, May 22 2009 

We’ll report on updates to the status of Sandy Beach Park as we hear about them.   Unless construction on new shower houses is completed before the event, expect to use the showers at Claystone Park.

If you attended Fool’s War this year, you’re aware of the site condition, with some traditional camps unavailable at the time.  Updates from Duke Max on land and available camping will be posted later.

Bid Awarded Thursday, May 21 2009 

On May 20th, The Barony of South Downs awarded the event bid for Castle Wars 6 to Duchess Lethrenn and THL Jocosa.  Castle Wars is back!