Event Stewards – Duchess Lethrenn and THL Jocosa d’Auxerre
Reservations/Troll – Baroness Elizabeth Rae
Land – Duke Max
Herald in Charge – THL Aylwin Watkyns
Marshal in Charge – Sir Mandin Leon
Rapier MIC – Lady Randalin in kyrra
Youth Combat Marshal – Lord Vasilii Nicoliavich Dragomir
Fundraiser Lunch – Lord Mykael Halfdan
Merchantcrat – Lady Kerstyn Gartenier
Fighter Hospitality – Lord David of Duckworth
Artisan’s Row – THL Dianora Lizabetta di Vittori di Cellini
Live Weapons Marshal – Lord Sean O’Neill
Archery Marshal – Lord Domingos de Leon
Information Point/Lost and Found – Lady Sara de Burgos
Children’s Activities – THL Fionnuala ingheann ui Domhnall
Equestrian MIC – Lord Logan Silveraxe
Hounds – THL Catrin Skynith
Security –  THL Kynwric Gwent
Balinator – Lord Bart
Royal Liaison – Mistress Ginevra Bagnesi da Diacceto
Pyromancer – Master Sir Geoffrey and Squires
Bardic Circle – Lord Raymond the Scot
Toys for Tots Coordinator – Baron Borgar of South Downs