Heavy Combat

Friday Night – Torchlight Tourney: Great Sword format.

Saturday – Four Scenarios focused on quality fighting!

1. Field battle. Two sides. Hay bales stacked three high on each side.
Battle continues until one side’s hay bales are toppled. Hay bales may only be
pushed with a basket hilt, gauntlet or shield. If the bales fall on their own,
we “hold” and reset the bales. No res. Multiple times if the battle is too
short. No archery.

2. Bridge battle with two fords. Anyone can go over the bridge but only
Knights can cross the fords on foot. All others cross on their knees and regain
footing on the other side. 20 minutes unlimited res. Archery.

3. Modified Town Battle. Spears and archers over the walls only. The rest of
the heavies can go through the door. No spears through the door. Limited two
res per person (3 lives). After that last man.

4. Ransom Battle.  Each side starts with 15 fighters on the field.  No more than 15 per side at a time.  Everybody gets one free trip to the field.  After that, as a fighter falls, the team leader can ransom in another fighter based on ransom cost.  Royal peers – 8 coins, Knights – 4 coins, Squires – 2 coins and Men at Arms – 1 coin.  The battle continues until one side runs out of fighters and has no more coins to ransom.

Rapier Scenarios – Four scenarios with something for everyone:

First Activity – Castle Wars Ransom Tournament  Marshal: Randalin in kyrra:  This will be a double-elimination tournament. Bring all weapon styles and your best English or French accent.

Second Activity – Prize Fight: Mikolaj Pilypas’ fights all who are able and willing as part of his induction into the Order of the Argent Rapier

Third Activity:  Cut and Thrust for the Heavy Fighter – Instructor: Mikolaj Pilypas

Fourth Activity: Long Sword Pas’ Tournament: Marshal: TBA


Loaner gear will be available – come try target archery; all skill levels welcome!

“Love Thy Neighbor” – Very simply, a best score by high noon on a standard ringed target. The top five scoring archers will compete in a showdown. These five archers will compete head to head over the protection of two balloons.  The last balloon left wins. Deals and the such to conspire against certain archers are permitted but remember, what goes around comes around. The scoring will begin at 9 am and will end sharply at noon. You may re-shoot your qualifying score as often as you like. At 2 pm we call for the 5 archers to defend their property and the shoot begins.

Youth Shoot – if there’s enough youth interested in an archery shoot, the target range will be theirs for a scored shoot, see schedule for time.

Live Weapons – Test your skills with dagger, axe and spear from distances of 15 and 25 ft.  Prize tourney will have six throws of each weapon from both distances, best overall score wins.

Equestrian Activites – Friday: Safety and Risk Management Class and Authorizations available in the afternoon and early evening (please contact Equestrian MIC if you need to authorize); trail will be open for authorized riders.

Saturday morning:  Rescue The Baron! EQ. Challenge Course: Help Rescue Baron Cathal from The enemy’s camp!  To get there you  and a partner have to either Cross the Bridge or Ford the River (wooden walk or blue tarp), Silence the Watch Guards (behead the enemy), Cut through the Infantry (Reeds), Best the Cavalry (Quintain), Kill the Dogs of War (Pig Sticking), Stop the Messenger (Javelin), Find your way through the camp (maze) Rescue the Baron! (Body Carry). But be quick because this rescue attempt depends on speed, if you fail, you are likely to be Held For Ransom!

Saturday afternoon, participate in the Rose Tourney.

Coursing Activities – The Coursing Guild will host lure coursing Saturday morning at Castle Wars. Please join us on the field to watch the hounds illustrate the art and skill of hunting prey (in this case a lure).

Medieval and Renaissance hunting not only put meat on the table but was also a favorite past time of nobles, both male and female.

In Meridies, Greyhounds make up the Queen’s Pack and course for her pleasure. The Italian Greyhounds are the Princess’ Pack.
All breeds are invited to course.

Set up will be at 9AM and coursing will begin at 10AM, > weather permitting. All help to set the field is appreciated. Dog owners please arrive by 9:30 for paper work and to prep your dog for coursing.

If the grass is too wet to safely course, we will offer a class on course set-up and other hound related topics.

Per Coursing Guild rules, all dogs wishing to course must show written proof of current rabies vaccination (paper or ID card from vet). It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the heath and safety of their dog at all times,
including fitness to course. Vetwrap will be available to wrap dew claws and stop pads. For safety reasons, dogs must have reached their adult size before coursing.

Please feel free to contact THL Catrin Skynith, Head of the Coursing Guild, if you have questions.  popdanlinda@hotmail.com

**Non-coursing dogs will be allowed as long as owners have current papers for vaccinations, keep the dog on a leash, attend to the animal at all times and clean up after them.   We recommend a crate or turn out pen, especially if camping, but this is not a requirement.  Service animals, as well as all other dogs, must troll in so papers can be checked and to get a site token.

Friday Night Kids Activities – at the Court Pavilion.  Kids, teens and parents are welcome to come hang out at “The Gathering Place.”  Play board games, socialize with other kids, and watch a showing of “The Princess Bride.”  Bring chairs and blankets if you wish.  Kids under 12 must be accompanied by a parent.

Saturday Kids Activities – For starters, we are making felt balls and decorating tops. We will have a top spinning contest and playing games.  Details on other fun stuff for kids soon.

Fundraiser Lunch – House Aylekeepe, under the culinary direction of Lord Mykael Halfdan, serves up a winter weather warming lunch.   Cost will be $5; proceeds will benefit various Kingdom causes.   Location will be on the lawn between Merchant’s Row and the fighting field.  Menu:  Suppenhuhn mit Nudlen (Austrian-chicken and dumplings) and Swp Pumpen (Welsh – creamed pumpkin soup); both served with cornbread and drink selection.

Artisans Row – This year Castle Wars hosts an Artisans’ Row area. Here you can see the actual creative process in action as artists work in their own medium. Unlike traditional A&S classes, on Artisans’ Row you can watch artists at work and participate in hands-on workshops that allow you to try out a process in a less formal venue. If you are an artisan who would like to set up and work on Artisans’ Row, please contact Dianora di Cellini at dicellini@gmail.com for more information.

Gaming Tavern – Learn and play 14th C. games with Lord Guillaume des Pyrenees at the Grand Pavilion Saturday from 1:00 pm-until.

Toys for Tots Drive – Baron Borgar is collecting toys for the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program.  For each toy donated, receive a raffle ticket. Four gift baskets to be given away at court, winner must be present.

Bonfire – Warm your bones, have a drink and visit with friends around the bonfire at Castle Wars.  Look for the blaze to start around 9 pm both Friday and Saturday.  Bring a chair, a bench, a blanket and join the crowd.  Lord Bjorn the Hunter is the event pyromancer, he’ll be looking for a few volunteers to help him gather and tote timber for the fires.

Bardic Circle – Saturday night, Lord Raymond the Scot leads the way for bards, storytellers, poets and minstrels.  Join him at the bonfire for song and story of days gone by and of the Modern Middle Ages.  Keep it clean until the kids toddle off to bed, please.

Ransom Game – Join the fun to help collect coins to free ransomed gentles**.  The person who frees the most ransomed prisoners will win a prize!   Sign up at the Ransom Point (Information Point) to see the list of prisoners and demanded ransom.  Pick up a list of generous benefactors who are willing to give coins for this cause.  Seek out these benefactors, identify yourself as a trusted ally with a special password, and collect coins.  Answer trivia questions to earn additional coins.  Return to Ransom Point to pay the ransom for those you choose to free.  New people may be taken and held for ransom throughout the day – so check back often to see who else needs your help!

** No one will be held or confined anywhere- “ransomees” are merely a list of people for the game.